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Black Dog Animal Hospital: Your Choice Veterinary Clinic in Red Wing

Black Dog Animal Hospital is your choice veterinarian in Red Wing and Hastings dedicated to providing high quality care for all pets. Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Scott has 11+ years of experience in veterinarian medicine and specializes in small animal medicine. She’s committed to providing care for animals in a caring and comfortable environment. Veterinarian Dr. Christine Boyle has 12+ years of experience and focuses on pet surgery, animal dentistry and wellness. At Black Dog Animal Hospital, our vets and staff welcome pets and their owners with open paws. Experience veterinary care at its best. We use the latest technology in veterinary medicine and work closely with pet owners.

Veterinary Services

Our veterinary services include pet surgery, spay and neuter and pet vaccines. Before any pet surgery, we implement diagnostic testing for an exact diagnosis and to determine what type and amount of anesthesia is best for your pet’s condition, age and breed. In our state-of-the-art facility, pets are carefully monitored with EKG and pulse oximeter during surgery. We always provide pet owners with detailed written aftercare instructions for a safe and quick recovery. Not only does spaying and neutering help keep the animal population down, it helps reduce disease in your pet and increases their lifespan. We provide the same excellent care during spay and neuter surgery as with any other pet surgery. Pets recover well after spay and neuter surgery and are typically well enough to go back home that same day.

Turn to us for both core and non-core pet vaccinations. Typically, we administer pet vaccines during an annual pet exam. Get your furry friend updated with vaccines handpicked for their unique lifestyle. Plus, our pet exams are comprehensive. Our vets do a complete nose to tail check, including lungs, ears, eyes and abdomen. We also provide pet dental exams and dental treatment. We check for periodontal disease, cavities and broken teeth and provide appropriate dental treatment for your pet.

Is it time for your companion to have a checkup? Has your pet had any changes in their routine behavior? Is your pet limping? Does your pet need a rabies vaccine? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, give us a call at Black Dog Animal Hospital and schedule a visit.

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