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Cryosurgery at Black Dog Animal Hospital

Cryosurgery at Black Dog Animal Hospital

Does your pet have “warty growths” or “skin tags” that are bothersome to them or bothersome to you? Have you considered having them removed surgically but are concerned about having your pet go under general anesthesia?  At Black Dog Animal Hospital, we now have cryosurgery available.  We can freeze these skin abnormalities away by using liquid nitrous oxide.  Typically, more than one treatment is needed but these treatments take very little time and can be done in the exam room with you present.  They do not involve general anesthesia. The treatments are well tolerated and generally painless as the freezing anesthetizes the tissue being treated.  The cryosurgery tool is also extremely precise so that only the growth itself and not the surrounding tissue is treated.  This is also nice for areas that would be otherwise difficult to approach surgically.  One other big benefit is that it is cheaper than routine surgery since there is not cost associated with general anesthesia or sterile preparations. 

If you would like to discuss this service or want to just go ahead and schedule a visit, please call us at Black Dog Animal Hospital at 651-327-2700. 

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