Emergency Animal Services

Emergency Animal Services: We have a vet and personnel on staff and ready to offer help to you five days a week. These professionals are trained for emergency medical care for pets. This will usually include a veterinarian and several technicians who work together to take every step possible to save a pet's life. Please call our offices immediately for:

  • Poisoning

  • Animals hit by a car

  • Chocolate ingestion

  • Animal bite wounds

  • Rattlesnake bite

  • Any life threatening emergency or concern for your pet

It's best to call our offices if possible prior to arriving so that we can have the right team available for you. Our urgent care facility is also available and used for non-life threatening medical needs. We'll do our best to accommodate your pet.

Surgery: We offer advanced surgical techniques and technology for your pet. Our services include spaying and neutering pets as well as many other surgeries.  And if your pet needs skills beyond what we have, we will either arrange for a board certified veterinary surgeon to come to our hospital for you or will find you a location as close as possible as an option as well. 

Vaccines: Most pets need vaccines on a regular basis. We can provide these during wellness exams. We also recommend them if you've just received a non-vaccinated pet.  When you come in for a checkup, we'll let you know the most likely and recommended vaccines your pet needs at any given time.

Tailor-made Wellness Programs: Our tailor made wellness program allows our veterinarian to get to know your animal. We'll conduct a lifestyle assessment to determine what type of lifestyle your pet leads. Then, we'll tailor medications based on our findings.

Allergy Testing and Treatment:  Allergies can be frustrating for you and uncomfortable for your pet. At Black Dog we offer allergy assessments to help us find the underlying cause of your pets allergies and have access to multiple treatment options to help you and your pet be much happier and more comfortable.

Laboratory:  We have an in-house laboratory and are equipped with chemistry, electrolytes, hematology, coagulation, and thyroid testing. Most procedures can be performed in our hospital and for those more specialized tests, we have a network of reference laboratories available. 

Ultrasound:  We have ultrasound available to help with abdominal and thoracic imaging. 

Euthanasia Services:  When the time comes to say goodbye, we have both the ability to schedule house calls or in clinic euthanasia services. We have a dedicated comfort room in our hospital to make that difficult process as comfortable as possible for you and your pet as well as cremation services if desired. 

Pain Management:  Pain can be difficult to assess in your pet. Sometimes just a change in resting location can be a sign of pain. After doing a complete physical exam and talking with you about your pet, we can help you assess your pets pain level and find ways to alleviate any pain present. This can be as simple as adding nutritional supplements all the way to prescription pain medications if needed. 

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