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Seeking regular vaccinations for your pet, including rabies shots, is an important aspect of being a good pet owner. Vaccinations build your pet's immune against infections and viruses and they protect against infections and certain viruses.

Black Dog Animal Hospital provides vaccination services for pets in Red Wing, MN and surrounding communities of Welch, Vasa, Wacouta, Hay Creek and Hager City. We do house calls for some pets that suffer from anxiety or have a tendency not to get along with other animals when at animal clinics.

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that vaccination has saved the lives of "millions of animals" in the past 100 years. Some immunizations are standard or even mandated by law, as in the case of rabies shots.

Core and Non-Core Pet Vaccinations in Red Wing


Rabies shots are necessary for both cats and dogs, because the disease is highly contagious and often fatal for both animals and their owners.

Along with other regularly scheduled shots, which are called "core vaccines," canine shots at Black Dog Animal Hospital include ones for distemper, parvovirus infection and hepatitis. Core vaccinations for cats include shots preventing panleukopenia (an intestinal problem), viral rhinotracheitis (upper respiratory infection) calicivirus (a respiratory virus) and distemper.

During a wellness exam, one of our veterinarians, Dr. Jennifer Scott or Dr. Christine Boyle, will also give some pet’s non-core vaccinations dependent on individual lifestyles and needs. For example, dogs that board at kennels or regularly visit groomers need vaccinations for kennel cough (infectious tracheobronchitis) and Bordetella illness, which is caused by bacteria and gives your pet nasal discharge as well as a bad cough.

Duration and Side Effects

Some vaccines may be given every year whereas others may be needed after a number of months or more than one year. Our staff at Black Dog Animal Hospital works with you to set up an appropriate schedule for your pet's shots. Some may occur during annual checkups.

Before performing vaccination, Dr. Scott or Dr. Boyle will inform you about any possible side effects, a common occurrence. Fatigue and a bit of soreness are the most common.

Visit Our Red Wing Veterinarians at Black Dog Animal Hospital

Black Dog Animal Hospital is new in the Red Wing community. Aside from clinic owner Dr. Scott, Dr. Christine Boyle contributes her talents to your pet's care. Both of our Red Wing veterinarians specialize in small animal medicine.

No matter what service your pet needs at Black Dog Animal Hospital, we promise to provide quality care and to help your furry family member feel comfortable and relaxed when with us.

For more information about pet vaccinations at Black Dog Animal Hospital, give us a call today at 651-327-2700!

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