Vet Checkups Create Healthy Pets

Keep Your Pet Healthy with a Vet Checkup

Pet wellness visits, or veterinary checkups, are important preventive care, which saves you money by keeping your pet healthy. A vet checkup is a time when your veterinarian performs a physical exam from nose to tail and evaluates your pet’s overall health.

These physicals are good opportunities for identifying and curbing problems that may just be getting started. They are also benchmarks against which your veterinarian can measure your pet’s growth and any changes in health.

Vet Checkup Services

During your pet’s physical, Dr. Jennifer Scott or Dr. Christine Boyle will check your pet’s ears, eyes, fur and skin for concerns requiring testing or treatment. They will gently feel internal organs for abnormalities.

The Doctor will also recommend any core vaccinations that they feel would be warranted with your pet’s individual lifestyle in mind.  We tailor make every vaccine protocol to each individual pet. Non-core vaccines may be ones for regional needs — such as to prevent Lyme disease caused by ticks — or are based on your pet’s lifestyle, which may include regular kenneling that requires shots for kennel cough.

Vet checkups also give you an opportunity to ask your veterinarian for advice about concerns you may have, such as your pet’s diet or any unusual behaviors you have observed. Dr. Scott or Dr. Boyle can also help you understand behavioral changes at your pet’s different life stages.

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A vet checkup allows your pet to become familiar with the gentle touch of his/her veterinarian before interventions are necessary, such as dental cleaning or emergency surgery.
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