Veterinary House Calls

4 Valuable Services Offered Through Veterinary House Calls

Sometimes, bringing your pet into the vet office for care can feel like a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, you can schedule mobile vet wellness visits to allow your pet to remain comfortably at home while receiving care. There are many reasons to schedule veterinary house calls rather than take your pet into the clinic. For example, you may want to keep your pet from catching or spreading disease. Or perhaps, you want to prevent unnecessary discomfort of ailing or aging pets in need of vet checkups, simple procedures or end of life care.

Pet Wellness Visits

Since mobile veterinarians are limited in the equipment they can bring along, a large portion of the visits just consist of wellness exams. Vets will check your pet over from nose to tail to spot developing problems and make a tentative diagnosis. The wellness checkups may include care procedures, such as vaccine administration, nail clipping services and ear cleanings. If your vet discovers a troubling symptom or sign of a bigger problem, you may need to arrange further diagnostic test at a clinic or imaging center.

Contagious Disease Containment

Viruses and bacteria can sweep through an area, sight unseen, sickening all of the vulnerable animals in their wake. Young pets who have not yet received their full range of vaccinations or ill animals with compromised immune systems may need to receive vet care at home for the best chance at preventing contagious disease transmission. On the other hand, if your pet is already ill with a highly contagious disease process, receiving treatment at home can help prevent spread of that condition through the local animal population.

Disabled Pet Care

Pets with mobility problems may struggle to hop in and out of the vehicle for transport to the vet. Some pets may even refuse to walk down the slick floors in the vet office to the exam room. Mobile vets can come right to your pet’s bedside to prevent unnecessary anguish and discomfort.

End of Life Services

Mobile vets can provide your pet with hospice care and euthanasia at home to decrease discomfort as much as possible for everyone involved. Remaining in the privacy of your home can make the process just a little bit easier to bear as you cope with the loss of your friend. The entire family can gather close as your pet gently leaves the world from his or her favorite spot in the house.

Scheduling Veterinary House Calls

Our professionals at Black Dog Animal Hospital will provide house calls on a prescheduled basis. You can call our Red Wing office anytime to discuss your pet’s needs and schedule a visit from a mobile veterinarian. Our vets will always go out of their way to keep your pet happy and comfortable throughout the required procedures. If your pet requires additional imaging or diagnostic procedures performed, your vet will help arrange appropriate accommodations to help complete that process in a stress free manner.

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