Xylitol Warning!! It may be closer than you think….

Here at Black Dog Animal Hospital we want you to know about things that can be dangerous to your dogs and cats.  Today I wanted to share a link with you about a toxin for dogs that most people are not aware of.  Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in many of our foods and supplements that is incredibly toxic to dogs.  It is becoming more frequently used and in the case of medications for our pets, can sometimes be used to make those medications taste better.  The problem comes when those human labeled medications get used on a dog.  A lot of pharmacists on the human side are not aware that xylitol is toxic for dogs and this is where the problem is.  Please be aware though that this is also being added to things like cookies, jello, and worst of all…peanut butter!   I have attached a link below that provides a list of foods, cosmetics, medications, etc that have xylitol added.  Please be aware of this and call us at Black Dog Animal Hospital if you have any questions or right away if your pet has ingested any of these substances.  Thank you for looking out for your pet!


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