What Foods Should You Feed to Your Pet?

What Foods Should You Feed to Your Pet as Instructed by your Red Wing Veterinarian

You probably already know that the best food to feed your pet is formulated pet food made for specific types of pets. Grocery stores sell many types of pet food specifically made for dogs and cats. So how can you pick? At Black Dog Animal Hospital in Red Wing, MN, we want to give you the knowledge you need to pick the best foods for your pet. Below is a brief tutorial about which ingredients to look for on pet food packaging (and which ingredients to avoid).

Good Pet Food Ingredients

Meat. Dogs and cats are both carnivores, and their primary source of food should come from meat. When reading the ingredients from the list of ingredients on the pet package, meat should be the first ingredient on the list.

Pet Food Ingredients to Watch

Corn and soy. These ingredients have nutritional value for your pet and unfortunately have gotten a bad reputation.  It is hard to make blanket statements though that they are always ok or always bad.  If your pet has a diagnosed allergy or intolerance obviously avoid these ingredients but most dogs will do just fine.  If you have concerns please just ask.  We would be happy to help navigate the sea of pet food information available.  

Artificial colors and flavors. These chemicals do your pet no good, and some are actually carcinogenic.

The best pet foods will be dry kibble and will contain a short ingredient list, because all your pet truly needs in his or her diet is meat. Of course, dry pet foods need a filler agent that will help hold the meat together. 

Want more information about the best type of food to feed to your pet? Talk to your pet’s veterinarian. At Black Dog Animal Hospital in Red Wing, we’ll give you the information you need to feed your cat or dog a properly balanced diet. Your pet’s dietary needs will change over time, but we can help you choose foods at every stage of your pet’s development. Call us today to make an appointment.

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