Will Your Pet’s Dental Visit be Like Yours?

Will Your Pet’s Dental Visit be Like Yours?

Most people want healthy teeth so they can chew pain-free without an expensive dental procedure, but many avoid the dentist. You might squirm and sweat whenever a drill enters your mouth even though you know your dentist is a capable, experienced professional. Now, let’s compare this to your pet’s oral health needs and experience.

Pet Dental Care Visits in Red Wing

Just like you, your pet only has one set of adult teeth to take him or her through the golden years. Your pet will struggle with chewing and eating if teeth decay and fall out. Also like you, your pet will experience pain if his or her oral health gets bad and leads to rotten teeth that expose the nerves. By bringing your pet in for a yearly oral exam with our pet dentist in Red Wing, you can help improve oral care with specialized teeth cleaning for pets and catch oral issues early on.

Your Pet Won’t Stress

Unlike you, your pet won’t know the stress of visiting the dentist. Animal dental care includes a gentle anesthesia for your cat or dog so they are completely unaware of the work being done in the mouth. While your pet is relaxed and under the proper anesthesia, the veterinarian will remove the tartar from the teeth, getting every side of the tooth. We also fix decay in the teeth, remove problem teeth, and check the gum line for periodontal disease. Every patient has a completely stress-free, thorough cleaning by an experienced pet dentist.

The Sad Reality of Oral Health in Most Pets

Over 80% of pets have periodontal disease by age of four. Pet owners rarely care for their pet’s teeth like they are supposed to care for their own. Pet owners should bring their pets in for a yearly oral exam, brush pet teeth daily, and give their pet’s food or treats designed to reduce plaque build-up.
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